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North Hall University is among the top accredited online universities with the best online learning platforms having variety of flexible courses, and rigorous programs that boost the students’ academic standing,


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North Hall University is one the most prestigious and accredited online universities that offer a wide variety of majors specifically designed for professionals and working adults.. The 15 versatile schools offer multiple specializations, covering all the top choices of students and employers across the globe.

Learning at North Hall goes beyond attending lectures and clearing exams. Our online school education offer a platform for students to debate and discuss how to make a difference and act upon it to create a positive change in the society. We provide an invigorating educational experience to develop the leadership skills, critical thinking and experience necessary to lead in today’s world.

North Hall graduates are enjoying careers in business, education, computer science, health science, music, art, theater, law, engineering, journalism, criminal justice, politics, social work etc.


Schools at North Hall University


School of Computer Science

Broaden your understanding of the impact of IT on individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

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School of Engineering

Develop understanding along with sound grasp of a wide range of engineering majors and specializations.

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School of Health Science

First class medical education that allows you to undertake work placements in prestigious hospitals.

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School of Psychology

Offering unique and well-designed courses to facilitate your pursuit in various psychology careers.

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School of Business & Management

Offering a number of highly focused courses that mirror both the research expertise and industrial experience. Our Business graduates have a proven track record of finding work with leading companies.

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School of Criminal Justice

Receive a comprehensive legal education with the chance to put your theory to the test.

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School of Law and Legal Studies

Equipping you with the knowledge that leads you on your way to a stimulating legal profession.

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School of Education

Inspiring students and provoke new thinking for them to redesign the education system.

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School of Social Science

Enjoy a wide choice of majors, wherever your interest lies including English, History and Journalism.

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School of Social Services

Offers an insight into the complicated nature of human behavior and its effects on society

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School of Applied Arts

Quality education in fields including Interior Design and Architecture to help you land invaluable work placements

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School of Natural Science

Our courses give you the skills and credentials you need for a rewarding career in Natural Science

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School of Performing Arts

Prioritizing your future and helping you kick-start your career by shaping your talent to reach enviable heights.

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School of Occupational Safety and Fire Science

Enhancing your learning in the raaxpidly changing technological landscape, through an academic team that reflects high-caliber industrial experience

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School of Political Science & Public Administration

Obtain the relevant expertise in the field of political Science and public administration and learn how to put theory into practice.

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North Hall gives access to its students to the riches of the literary world – The North Hall Digital Library, which is home to thousands of highly sought-after books, reading material, research, creative and scholarly articles.

The NHU Digital Library is constantly growing and serves as a central repository for NHU’s prized collection of research reports, latest titles from our university press and recent book launches. It is built to inspire you to reach for the stars. To seek, analyze, practice and manage knowledge, and build your skills for study and work.