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The training programs and facilities offered by NHU helps our faculty to progress strategically and also provide them opportunities for growth.

Faculty at North Hall University

The faculty of the North Hall University through their excellence in teaching, research, and service, fulfill a commitment making North Hall among the best universities in the world. They have the expertise and knowledge of the respective field and inculcate the same to the students. We treat our faculty with respect and with a direct reward approach and provide them with world-class facilities. We think that there should be a proper mechanism that offers competitive salaries, a varied benefits package, annual leaves and diverse opportunities for individual growth.
Our experienced faculty provides the tools, guidance, and support that help our students observe, enhance, and experiment the current methods and knowledge, and to use evidence-based research to develop innovative solution to current challenges faced by the world.

Benefits & Rewards Offered to our valued
Faculty Members

  • Retirement Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Care
  • Parental & Medical Leaves
  • Flexible Time & Work Arrangements
  • Financial Support
  • Access to Legal Consultation
  • Professional & Leadership Development
  • Employee Education Program


student to faculty ratio


faculty members have Doctorate Degree in their respective fields

Internationally Recognized Faculty

Faculty of Applied Arts

  • Jenine Depriest   Associate Professor , Applied Arts
  • Leia Hackbarth   Professor, Applied Arts
  • Onita Mccaa   Associate Professor , Applied Arts
  • Gertrud Paschall   Professor, Applied Arts
  • Pearlie Allman   Assistant Lecturer, Applied Arts
  • Stacee Gerson   Assistant Lecturer, Applied Arts

Faculty of Business & Management

  • Joey Vantassel   Professor, Business & Management
  • Bill Andres   Lecturer, Business & Management
  • Babara Philips   Professor, Business & Management
  • Marylouise Pinder   Associate Professor , Business & Management
  • Farrah Collette   Lecturer, Business & Management
  • Lesia Pegram   Professor, Business & Management

Faculty of Computer Science

  • Stefanie Grego   Professor, Computer Science
  • Shizuko Aquino   Professor, Computer Science
  • Stacie Feller   Assistant Lecturer, Computer Science
  • Keitha Machado   Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Erlinda Sobers   Assistant Lecturer, Computer Science
  • Lu Cancel   Professor, Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering

  • Karmen Chivers   Associate Professor , Engineering
  • Judson Michener   Lecturer, Engineering
  • Jeanice Bomba   Assistant Professor, Engineering
  • Adelaide Schmidtke   Professor, Engineering
  • Francine Mallett   Lecturer, Engineering
  • Karine Rech   Lecturer, Engineering

Faculty of Education

  • Malisa Geraghty   Assistant Professor, Education
  • Audrea Schaller   Assistant Professor, Education
  • Adolfo Gerrity   Lecturer, Education
  • Hanh Berrier   Professor, Education
  • Cayla Hermes   Lecturer, Education
  • Agnus Buchmann   Lecturer, Education

Faculty of Psychology

  • Eli Pederson   Lecturer, Psychology
  • Prudence Ketchum   Assistant Lecturer, Psychology
  • Oren Winchell   Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Adriene Horrell   Professor, Psychology
  • Krysta Senger   Assistant Lecturer, Psychology
  • Kandis Cleaver   Assistant Professor, Psychology

Faculty of Criminal Justice

  • Michale Corea   Assistant Lecturer, Criminal Justice
  • Lavenia Emrick   Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Paris Milligan   Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Roberta Elmore   Assistant Lecturer, Criminal Justice
  • Willene Rosner   Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Linda Hirsch   Professor, Criminal Justice

Faculty of Law & Legal

  • Winona Mortellaro   Assistant Professor, Social Services
  • Mathilda Fett   Professor, Social Services
  • Jackqueline Rothman   Assistant Professor, Social Services
  • Delmer Weinmann   Assistant Professor, Social Services
  • Elwanda Westrich   Assistant Professor, Social Services
  • Carey Koger   Assistant Professor, Social Services

Faculty of Social Services

  • Marquita Delcid   Lecturer, Law & Legal
  • Sueann Martinsen   Assistant Lecturer, Law & Legal
  • Rocco Crisci   Assistant Professor, Law & Legal
  • Alexis Depaola   Assistant Lecturer, Law & Legal
  • Abe Sitzes   Assistant Professor, Law & Legal
  • Johnette Bullion   Assistant Professor, Law & Legal

Faculty of Natural Science

  • Nona Works   Lecturer, Natural Science
  • Maxine Barnum   Assistant Professor, Natural Science
  • Maida Szymanski   Associate Professor , Natural Science
  • Reyes Lindamood   Lecturer, Natural Science
  • Sheila Weller   Assistant Professor, Natural Science
  • Yoshiko Couchman   Assistant Professor, Natural Science

Faculty of Social Science

  • Lonnie Gabriel   Assistant Professor, Social Science
  • Dorene Rector   Lecturer, Social Science
  • Keila Shawver   Assistant Lecturer, Social Science
  • Thomasina Stetson   Associate Professor , Social Science
  • Maryam Parrett   Lecturer, Social Science
  • Lora Britt   Associate Professor , Social Science

Faculty of Health Science

  • Russ Walsh   Professor, Health Science
  • Cheri Wotring   Assistant Professor, Health Science
  • Patrica Rumbaugh   Lecturer, Health Science
  • Hyman Proehl   Professor, Health Science
  • Alaina Mccartney   Professor, Health Science
  • Tambra Raygoza   Professor, Health Science

Faculty of Occupational Safety

  • Jessia Lauterbach   Professor
  • Latonya Hoying   Assistant Professor
  • Chet Coupe   Professor
  • Ashanti Gravatt   Lecturer
  • Renaldo Franceschini   Professor
  • Debi Moriarity   Lecturer

Faculty of Political Science

  • Marylou Bodin   Associate Professor , Political Science
  • Melida Farina   Assistant Lecturer, Political Science
  • Pedro Foucher   Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Doyle Camillo   Assistant Lecturer, Political Science
  • Erline Wiggins   Assistant Lecturer, Political Science
  • Assunta Tait   Assistant Lecturer, Political Science

Faculty of Performing Arts

  • Mickey Faucher   Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
  • Tarsha Brunswick   Professor, Performing Arts
  • Phillis Woerner   Associate Professor , Performing Arts
  • Deonna Studdard   Lecturer, Performing Arts
  • Joie Mcgaugh   Associate Professor , Performing Arts
  • Emiko Saraiva   Lecturer, Performing Arts

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