Earn a Degree Online

Earning a degree online at North Hall University is an extremely quick and affordable pathway to quality education.

Advance in your field of study with a Associate Degree Program

North Hall’s Associate Degree Program provides students with a concrete foundation to support them in meeting their educational and professional goals. The curriculum of these online degree programs is designed to focus on the rapidly changing job market of today. Associate degree program helps students gain skills and develop competence to move forward in their careers. The associate degree programs are best fit for individuals seeking to get a head start in their academic and career path. Furthermore, this program has value added benefits that enable students to enhance their marketability as a job candidate.

Advance Your Knowledge in Your Respective Fields

Students can earn accredited degrees when they take online courses at North Hall University. They take classes online to get a college degree at very affordable tuition fees and can earn college degree online by paying as little as $399.95 per month. The online program is completely self-paced and can be completed in less than a year. There are even different fee payment options to help you pay fees according to your budget.

North Hall
Programs Are...
  • ACCREDITED NHU is accredited by renowned accreditation bodies therefore our degrees are recognized and accepted globally.
  • RECOGNIZED Our academic programs are respected worldwide for meeting adequate levels of academic quality.
  • AFFORDABLE All programs are designed to have realistic price points making them with in the financial reach of students.

North Hall University programs are designed in collaboration with industry experts, professional faculty and corporate trainers. We not only offer you a degree but a comprehensive and advanced knowledge-base of your chosen discipline, put together from all around the globe. Following are the degree programs offered by NHU:

Why Should You Enroll In An Online Program?


Study on your own terms and at your own speed. Take multiple courses a week or reschedule it according to your availability


Continue your education while you study or fulfill other commitments. Get credit for work and life experiences and complete your degree faster


Climb up the corporate ladder and take up leadership positions. Achieve the salary you desire and excel in your career