Offering a Range of Financial Support

From how to pay your tuition fees, to finding funding to support your studies, or getting financial support and advice – we will point you in the right direction for all your student money needs.

Scholarship & Aid

Upon enrollment at North Hall University, you are getting a world-class education for an affordable cost and when combined with our generous financial aid packages, the amount is very reasonable.

Currently, 98 percent of North Hall’s students receive some type of financial assistance from university’s financial aid quota or from external financers. Please review our site for helpful information on scholarships and grants in order to make your academic program affordable for you.

NHU firmly believes in providing the high-quality education in the best affordable rates to everyone across the world. Our programs are not just easy on pocket but the comparatively less educational fees compared to the top-notch online universities makes us the best choice to opt for an online degree. Our online degree programs are designed in a way that students can study without getting in student loan debts and with peace of mind.

Not just this, we also provide financial aid and assistance to our students, along with fee payment options, and credit transfer policies which guarantees substantial reduction in overall tuition fee.

Explore, Apply, Study.

Academic Scholarships

Merit scholarships are related to academic performance and are given to candidates displaying exceptional academic performance.

Women Scholarships

Scholarships are available specifically for women in order to empower them in an effort to advance the opportunities for female students.

Military Scholarships

Members of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy, there are a number of scholarships and grants available for service members and veterans.

Community Service Scholarships

Community Service Scholarships are for students who like to give back to their communities. Those students who are involved in social work can apply for this scholarship.

What makes us different?

Student Volunteering

We offer numerous volunteering services for our students and help find you a suitable role to help your community and play your part as a socially responsible citizen.

Student Support

Our student counselors provide individual support services for our student on various issues that student might face during their academic journey.


NHU is known for its various financial aids, grants and scholarship opportunities for our student so that can complete their academic journey without any burden.

Research & Scientific

We offer our student the facilities, resources, and aid to conduct their research work and participate in making a difference in the scientific world.