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Browse academic degree programs at North Hall University. Our advanced educational system strive to meet the needs of every student and is designed to cultivate student success.

Academic degree programs That Drives Your Career Success

North Hall advanced educational system values discovery, learning and creativity. We offer more than 400 academic degree programs and over 300 diploma and certificate programs. Our rigorous curriculum addresses the diverse interests and educational needs of students; with our core curriculum introducing students to a broad spectrum of subjects.

North Hall University’s advanced educational system has an outstanding reputation for its exceptional teaching, research and innovation. Our coursework is led by award-winning faculty members who offer hands-on global experience, instill leadership traits and commit to helping students pursue their path of learning.

Academic Programs At North Hall

With over 800 academic degree programs and non-degree programs, North Hall offers an affordable and highly flexible educational path for every student. Our academic degree programs strive to meet the needs of individual learners and are designed to cultivate student success. We aim to convert knowledge and experience into career preparedness. NHU provides a comprehensive, engaging and dynamic educational system tailored to meet the needs of students.

North Hall University advanced educational system is designed in collaboration with industry experts, professional faculty and corporate trainers. We not only offer you academic degree programs but a comprehensive and advanced knowledge-base of your chosen discipline, put together from all around the globe. Following are the academic degree programs offered by NHU:

NHU certificate & diploma programs are designed to ensure students get the specific course knowledge & master their skills. The programs at NHU offer a comprehensive & advanced knowledge-base of your chosen discipline, put together from all around the globe. Following are the certificate & diploma programs offered by NHU:

Academic Facts About North Hall

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Academic Facts About North Hall

Our advanced educational system bring together esteemed faculty and talented students who work together to promote creative endeavors and an environment that sustains the optimum level of learning standards.

Our curriculum enables students to explore, analyze and enquire in ways that surpass traditional academic degree programs. We encourage students to carry out researches in nearly all academic degree programs.

NHU Research By The Numbers

  • #21st Leading research university nationally
  • 10k+ Currently Active Research Projects
  • $ 4.5 M Research Investment in FY 2019

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