Addressing the greatest global challenges of our time

Our research department supports visionary thinkers who are willing to change the world for betterment.


Research At North Hall

North Hall University provide grant and aid for research that require intensive research work so that students can help solve problems and confront complex 21st century challenges with a relentless focus. We offer our students with the facilities and support so that can easily carry out the research and bring a difference they want to make in the world and contribute toward the betterment of the society.

We at North Hall University, constantly look for issues that may affect the future in terms of how human action affects the world and how you can propose a solution to solve a problem. We help or students to invest in a research that shapes thinking and impacts policies to make a difference in the people’s lives.


Areas of Research

North Hall University is committed to professional and effective standards of research. NHU’s research includes a wide range of creative and innovative scholarly activity. Our four broad area of research include Health Science, Applied Arts, Natural Science and Business & Management. We foster and cultivate the growth of leading-edge research and provide required funding and support to serve the purpose.


Business Expertise

We are in the list of Top 35 for research quality according to The Research University Guide 2019 and we offer knowledge, expertise, consultancy and sharing our experience to innovate businesses and economies.


PhD Research

Our research degree offers you the chance to explore your selected topic and in real-depth to achieve deep understanding of the problem and recommend solutions through our support, training and supervision.


Funding and Sponsorship

We have an international reputation for the quality of our research. Several research councils offer to fund for our research department on annual basis which helps our students to get funding for their research.

North Hall University

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