NHU benefits from over $20m of funding from external sources

The North Hall University is all set to receive $20 million funding from external sources this year. North Hall is a member of the scholarship fund for many years and has been receiving funds for academic and research purposes. These grants have helped thousands of students to get through the university debt-free. Last year North Hall received more than $30 million under academic and research funding which has helped many students to complete their pending researches.

The main focus of the research funding is to eliminate hunger and promote development in developing countries. Most of the research projects lead towards eradicating and overcoming challenges of the 21st century. North Hall’s strategy is to support world-leading research which includes a determination to increase the standing and overall reputation of the university using connections and collaborations. North Hall is consistently making progress in the research field and has recently launched research in the health Science department for making advancement in the health Science.

NHU is currently looking for more funding for their health Science department so that they can provide a grant to more and more students and promote research in the field for advancement and development in the field.