North Hall researchers shortlisted for a major prize

A project of the Applied Science department has been shortlisted for the ‘Prestigious Academic Award 2019’, an award that celebrates the exceptional international research confronting global research challenges of the world.

The project is based on the study that explores innovative drugs for treating cancer and its impact on underprivileged women in Africa. The winning project will receive $1 million prize which will be divided among the team of researchers.

The nominated research project initiated in the year 2016 in the Chemistry department. Aggressive and focused research is required to combat cancer in the region. Four members from the department collaborated on the research project to explore innovative and inexpensive alternatives to treat cancer in patients. Immediately after starting the project the participants applied for the nomination for the award. Upon completion of the project, the project was nominated for the recognition of innovative research and high impact of their project on treating cancer.

The research project has addressed a clinical solution for the new generation of cancer patients to combat resistance. In the research, the researchers have discovered new ways of rescinding cancer cells using newly researched drugs.