Employers are required to offer degree internship program as a compulsion

Universities offer internship to its students and through this they can achieve a full degree program while doing their internship at any firm. These apprenticeships are developed by proper collaboration with universities, corporations, and professional governing bodies. Degree internship combines working with studying part-time at a university. Internees are employed throughout the program and spend part of their time at university and the rest with their employer.

These internship programs are being offered by North Hall University since 2015 and many of the partner corporation and middle-sized firms are supporting this program. Usually there is limited number of seats available each year for students to apply for an internship program. It is anticipated that the management and the partnered firm swill manage to offer greater number of internships in the coming year for the students.

The internship enables students to make the most out of their stay at the organization and make organizational impact. Organization is willing to hire talented and new employee who know that they will be trained and valued while they complete their education. Internships in the relevant field can increase overall knowledge of the field whereas the organization can benefit from the new talent and increase their profit levels and productivity of the organization.

Working collaboratively with a university can reduce cost and risk, and internships enable knowledge transfer, providing access to new concepts. For students, internships are an excellent way of combining work with higher qualification. They offer the opportunity to gain a degree-level qualification while simultaneously earning and gaining experience in your chosen field and paving a path for better job prospects or new business ideas.