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Each year, North Hall University undergoes a procedure of accreditation by regional and international accreditation bodies. These accreditation and recognition bodies evaluate and ensure that a particular institute is reliable and is in complete compliance with the educational standards as prescribed by the body.

Accreditation involves a comprehensive review of an institute based on the standards for accreditation maintained by the bodies, submission of institutional data and a report on yearly progress and accomplishments. The accreditation process is focused on the mission to ensure quality education and facilities to the students and adequate institutional resources.

The accreditation process has successfully addressed critical areas of the institute and North Hall University has efficaciously surpassed all of the reviews and examinations up till now. Our committed community of administration and faculty has proven to be one of the best in town.


International Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Education

IABETE (International Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Education) is an international accreditation body ensuring academic excellence in engineering colleges and universities around the world. IABETE operates a quality assurance system leading to the accreditation of a number of institutions offering engineering education, including programs B.Sc.(Eng.)/BEng, BTech and Diploma programs.

American Credit Evaluation Board

American Credit Evaluation Board is established to connect workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping students gain access to academic credit for formal training taken outside traditional degree programs. With over 25,000 programs reviewed, American CEB is the national leader in the evaluation process for education and training obtained outside the classroom including courses, exams, apprenticeships, and other types of nontraditional forms of training.


European Association for Accrediting Educational Institutions

The EAAEI (European Association for Accrediting Educational Institutions) is one of the most renowned accreditation council based in Europe. Our council accredits quality educational institutions and their offered programs that meet our quality criteria. Our aim is to provide quality education to the students from not only Europe but from all around the world.


The American Gulf Qualification Authority

The American Gulf Qualification Authority is an independent, statutory, and autonomous regulatory authority responsible for overseeing, accrediting, regulating, and funding higher education institutions in the Middle East. It is an official authority committed to bringing the highest level of excellence and brilliance to higher education by following the best systems and policies. It also offers extensive support, services, development opportunities, and assistance to students, faculty, and universities in the Middle East.